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I have seen a property I would like to rent, what should I do next?

Contact Bear ASAP in order to arrange a viewing and give details of your requirements and your current situation.

What do I have to pay upfront?

A common question and answer. One month’s RENT will be needed in advance, as well as one month’s DEPOSIT that is equal to the cost of one month’s rent.

What happens if my reference check is negative?

It is very important to be honest and clear about your previous financial history and it may be worthwhile checking your history online, prior to having our check. If you have too many checks which return a negative result, there will be impact on any future borrowing you may wish to undertake.

How long is a rental agreement for?

The term of the agreement is always stipulated in the rental agreement and it is important that this is checked before you sign it.

What happens if there is accidental damage at the property?

Before a tenant takes residence in a property, it is necessary to have accidental damage insurance cover in place.

How much notice must I give to vacate the property?

If you do not wish to renew the contract, one month’s written notice will be required before the end of the agreed contract term

What if I do not want to move out sooner than tenancy agreement stipulates?

Leaving a fixed term contract early will cost extra, not only in admin fees, but also to the landlord for the amount of time the property is empty to the end of the agreed term or until a new tenant is found., whichever happens first.

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