Landlord Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know how much rent we can ask each month?

We do our homework. We ensure that we look at what has rented in your area at what price and make our decision from the condition and comparisons we obtain.

What do you offer if I let you manage my property

We, during the tenancy, will continue to collect the rent each month and pay the rent to you less our fees. We are the first contact point for the tenant, taking stress away from you. We deal directly with contractors if there are any maintenance issues and would keep you informed at all times of any issues. We check the property on a regular 3 month period and again would report any issues to you. We are here to give you peace of mind.

Will I get my rent on the rent due date?

Here at Bear we will do our utmost to ensure the rent is paid over to you within a day or so of it being received in our account. We chase the tenant for any late payment of rent and report to you if there are any difficulties. We like to keep on top of rent payments so you don’t have to.

Do I pay for council tax and utilities?

Your tenant would be responsible for paying all of their own utility bills and council tax.

How often do you check the property during the tenancy?

We feel it is important to check the property every 3 months to ensure the property is being looked after. It always gives us a good opportunity for the tenant to report any non-urgent problems regarding maintenance issues. This should help to keep a good relationship between you and the tenant.

Do I have to get a Gas Certificate?

It is a legal requirement a Gas Safe Certificate is obtained which would need to include all gas appliances including the boiler at the property. This must be carried out by a Gas Safe Engineer. Again, we at Bear only use the very best qualified engineers and can arrange this for you , if you prefer to.

Do I need an EPC to rent my property?

Again, this is a legal requirement. To be able to rent your property you will need an Energy Performance Certificate. The EPC will last 10 years and there may already be one on the property if you have bought the property in the past few years.

What happens if my Tenant stops paying?

If your tenant stops paying we will continue to chase them and keep you updated at all times. There are several rent guarantee insurances on the market and we would recommend you look into this. We have insurance we can offer you at a competitive price. This will give you peace of mind knowing the rent would be covered in the event your tenant’s financial circumstances changed and they were unable to pay their rent.

We may also need to take action (see section 21)

One More Question?

If you have more questions, send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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