Property Management & Costs

Property Inventories

Accuracy is key and detailed listed inventories are taken and signed before a tenant can occupy a property. Photos are taken with dates recorded of fixtures and fittings, any furniture and the overall condition of the property is checked and recorded.

One Bed
Two Bed
Three Bed
Four Bed
Five Bed

* No charges for Inventory Check Outs

* No charges for any Interim Inventory Checks

Home and property invetories


Every one of our tenants have their own file account in which all details and contracts are kept.

Bear's software is designed by our in-house computer programmer which helps us monitor these accounts. Our team includes qualified bookkeepers who update and alert us to any account problems that may arise. Should a tenant's rent not be paid on time, our staff will be immediately notified and a process set into action to resolve the matter.

Property Maintenance

Our priority is to ensure your property is maintained to the standard it was, in our primary property management agreement. We follow your explicit requirements of your needs, which are noted in our initial meetings with you. Your requirements may be that you would prefer ‘no pets’ or whether or not you would accept a Guarantor in a situation which might require one, for example.

In order to determine that your property is being cared for and maintained, we organise 3 monthly inspections of your property which are then compared to our initial inventory report. Bear can notify you and keep you up to date on any changes found and discuss if any actions need to be implemented.

Should works need to be carried out, we can recommend traders whom meet our reference criteria.

Tenancy Renewals

75 days prior to the expiration of the Tenancy Agreement, both parties will be contacted. If both Landlord and Tenant wish to continue the arrangement, a renewal contract will be issued.

If the Landlord wishes to seek possession before then, a Section 21 Notice needs to be served on the tenant. (more info on section 21)

Should the tenant not wish to renew his Tenancy Agreement Contract, Bear will require one month’s written notice BEFORE the contract’s expiration date, from the tenant.

Notice of a tenant’s wish to vacate the property once the contract has ended, allows Bear to market the property and consider new applicants for the tenancy. We do this in order to avoid long rental voids and re-let speedily. Bear keeps updated lists of people who require a rental property and will commence viewings as soon as possible. All of the essential check processes for a new applicant will commence once again.

Vacating a property

Deposits from a tenant are kept until a full inspection and an ‘End of Tenancy Inventory’ has been taken. We aim to do this as soon as the tenant has left and we are in possession of the keys. Meter readings must be checked and forwarding address details of the tenant leaving, are taken. Only after this has been done and with the Landlord’s agreement, is the deposit returned. If there is any disagreement over this matter, it can be resolved via the objective use of the DPS Service. (managing deposit disputes).

Rental Reviews

Market research, local area knowledge and regular updates from Rightmove ensures Bear’s understanding of rental performance is current. This helps the Landlord’s investment reach its full monetary potential and rental prices can be changed with the Landlord’s permission and once evaluation has taken place.

Should a Landlord decide that he/she would like to take their property from the rental market and sell it instead once rental contracts have ended, then this can quickly and seamlessly be done by using Bear Estate Agents. Please see our fixed and fair prices to sell, here. and also note we were FIRST for new property listings as well as sales agreed in out of over 100 offices, according to Rightmove.

Landlord’s Legal Considerations 2016

Managing a property well is crucial. This management must include legal responsibilities otherwise, legal rights, such as Section 21 Notice of Possession, may be lost. It is necessary to give the tenant a Government Guide, How to rent.

Some of these requirements are the responsibility of the agent you use, e.g:-

When taking deposits and advance rent from tenants, it is necessary to ensure the tenant is clear as to what the different payments are for, as this can easily be confused. In the same way, it is a legal necessity that your agent gives details of their fees as well as their client money protection scheme where advice can be sought. (see DPS scheme)

In the same way, any Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement must have the deposit protected and the tenant given the relevant approved information sheet within a month of paying the deposit.

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